Field Service

Summer Intern

New Rochelle, New York
Work Type: Seasonal
Emerald Tree & Shrub Care Company Paid Internship
Location: New Rochelle, NY Office.
Field work performed in Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas)
Internship Term: June 5th  – August 11th , 2023
Pay Rate: $18 per hour
Deadline for Applications: April 1, 2024
Join the Emerald Tree Care & Plant Health Care Teams as a Paid Summer Intern!

Our 2 month plant health care (PHC) internship is designed to engage students interested in developing an exciting career in horticulture and arboriculture.

Interns will learn basic PHC operation techniques and receive training in diagnosis and remediation of plant problems. Interns will work on a a Plant Health Care crew where they will learn basic application techniques for hydraulic sprayers, micro & macro injection, drenches for root zone therapy, and much more.

Interns also engage in an advanced PHC study program, involving in-house training and self study.
The intern will be provided with work time for this mentored self study. The intern is expected to put in comparable study time on their own.

Interns are expected to work for Emerald Tree Care for the full summer semester.

To provide a robust experience Emeralds Intern program also includes

  • Field trip to Lasdon arboretum (or other Westchester county park) (in-scheduled)
  • Attendance at CTALA summer conference( 3rd week in July )

Please note these field trips are coordinated with other 6 month interns and the trips may occur at a time other than during the 2 month intern period. 

During the internship the intern will:
  • Attend a 1 day introductory program 
  • Meet and interview staff
  • Review expectations , Emerald Tree Care employee manual, PHC crew conduct & procedures manual
  • Read and review chapters 1,7 TCIA  plant health training manual
  • Read and review Connecticut Jr. pesticide permit as well as chapters 1,2, in the NYSDEC pesticide training manual

Weekly work duties and skills learned include:
  • Work on a PHC truck with an experienced PHC Technician, assisting in making applications on trees & shrubs and for ticks and mosquitoes
  • Macro and Micro injection techniques
  • Use of hydraulic spray rigs
  • Air spading for investigation and remediation
  • Pesticide selection and mixing
  • Alternative pest control methods
  • Mentored Advanced training in certain PHC topics such as diagnosis, IPM, soils & plant fertility Thursdays will use for in house training and educational site visits Because of the short time frame, BCC  interns will accordingly have a reduced training time compared other 6 month interns. Content will be tailor to the intern, and additional content for self study will be available.
  • Preforming property scouting visits, visit some extraordinary client sites, learn What to look for and when and practice diagnosis
  • Optional work time on the tree crew, to learn tree pruning and removal basics
  • Weekly safety and training meetings on current PHC topics

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